Virtual Audition Information

You will be recording a video of yourself with the required expectations the leadership team would like to hear and see:

  • Scales to show us your range. This will show us the lowest note and highest note you can sing.

    • Sopranos start on F4 and go up and down from there​

    • Altos/Tenors start on D4

    • Basses start on A3

  • A verse and a chorus of any song of your choice. Choose wisely; something that you can do well, but also shows off what makes your voice unique!

  • 30 measures of our last year’s Quarterfinal opener, The Valley. You find sheet music and learning tracks below. You CANNOT use a metronome or be listening to your part with headphones in your audition video.  

  • 30 second beatbox solo (if applicable, don’t be afraid to try it!). 

  • A little blurb (60 seconds max) talking about you and why you want to be a part of the group. We want to get to know you! 

Once you’re done recording your video, upload that video to any platform that you are able to share a link to view. We recommend uploading to YouTube as unlisted and giving us viewing access with the link. You can also use Google Drive or OneDrive. We will contact you if we have issues accessing your video.


To submit the link, there will be an audition submission form you must complete that will have a section to submit your video. This form will open and be posted on our website on August 24th. 

Sample Audition Video


DUE SEPTEMBER 2nd @ Midnight