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Founded in 2014, the Vocaholics are the University of Cincinnati's premier a cappella group. Composed of students with a burning passion for performing and making music, our members come from all years of school and from almost every college at the University.


We pride ourselves on being a self-run machine; by doing our own choreography, writing our own scores, and producing our own videos. We engage our audience through an emotional journey of music. Although each song you witness means something a little different to each member, we pride ourselves in giving you the dynamic, united performance of a lifetime.




ICCA Quarterfinal Champion

ICCA Quarterfinals, Virtual Competition

ICCA Quarterfinal Champion

ICCA Quarterfinals, Ball State University

Outstanding Arrangement

ICCA Quarterfinals, Ball State University


ICCA Quarterfinal Runner Up

ICCA Quarterfinals, Centerville High School

Outstanding Arrangement

ICCA Quarterfinals, Centerville High School

Outstanding Choreography

ICCA Quarterfinals, Centerville High School


Audience Favorite

SingStrong New York, Adelphi University

ICCA Quarterfinal Outstanding Soloist: Kelly Johnson (Erase Me - Lizzy McAlpine)

ICCA Quarterfinals, Harrison High School

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