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Our executive board leads and makes decisions on behalf of the group. They are selected for their leadership ability, organization, and passion for the Vocaholics.

Kelly Johnson


Kelly is so excited to serve as the UC Vocaholics President for the 2023-2024 school year. She is an alto entering her third year as a Vocaholic. Before President, Kelly served as Vice President. She is currently majoring in digital media and minoring in marketing. A fun fact about her is that she got married 2022!

Matthew Boutros

Vice President

Matthew Boutros is a 3rd year bass, double majoring in marketing and information systems, and minoring in psychology. This is his 3rd year in the Vocaholics! Matthew is excited to head our fundraising because it is critical to our performances and what we do! A fun fact about him is that he drove 40 hours across the country with someone he'd just met!

Kyle Rosa


Kyle Rosa is a 2nd year tenor, majoring in IT/Cybersecurity. This is his 2nd year in the Vocaholics! Kyle is excited to meet new people, learn new songs, and to compete again! A fun fact about him is that he loves Dr.Pepper!


Zhen Mains

Public Relations Manager

Zhen Mains is a 2nd year alto majoring in ECE! This is her 2nd year in the Vocaholics! Zhen is so excited to create all the fun graphics and videos for the social media pages! A fun fact about her is that she is engaged!


Madi Delgado


Madi is a senior, with this being her third year in the Vocaholics as an Alto and second year on the executive team. She is a Criminal Justice major. In her free time, she enjoys hanging with her friends and hitting the slopes on a snowboard! A fun fact about her is that she has seen Taylor Swift 4x in concert and has been to 24 concerts overall!

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